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Here you will find something different. Unlike the magic (or magick) you are used to, whether they are wicca magick, santeria spells, hoodoo spells, occult spells, or ancient Egyptian magic. Beyond spells that deal with good spells or evil spells, black or white, love or death.

To many of you this will be a new kind of magic. 

But to the people that are well-versed in it, the knowledge behind this skill is from an old art, dating back thousands of years. And like many other ancient arts, this too had almost been lost to time.

Our aim is to try to reintroduce to the world, hoping that it spread its use, and hopefully help it affect the lives of more than the current hundreds that practice it.

Make sure you read on the brief background of the True Fire Magic clan that practice it or read on the Magic itself. See how to cast a spell and read on several examples of the kinds of spells that can be cast.

And, of course, contact us. To transform the fire within you just takes the will.